Together We Are Stronger

Unite Indiana

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Our Mission

Unite Indiana’s mission is to link, inspire, and unify like-minded Hoosiers who love God, country, freedom, and family in developing positive solutions facing our state. Our mission is threefold:

  • To connect people to grassroots efforts underway in the culture. 
  • To help shift the mindset of Hoosiers by promoting liberty and educational gatherings and events throughout the state and nation.
  • To encourage unity among people and groups to bring positive changes here.

   Together we are stronger!

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Upcoming Events


The links above serve as an online yellow pages of grassroots organizations primarily in Indiana that support God, country, freedom, and family. We encourage you to use personal discretion when choosing what organizations to interact with. 

Would your organization like to be listed on Unite Indiana? Please email Rebecca. We will review your site in a reasonable amount of time to determine if it is aligned with our mission statement. Thank you.